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A variety of pets for sale in Mumbles

So you've decided to buy a pet? Look no further than Pet 360 for pets and pet accessories.
We have a great selection of small animals for you to choose from.

Help you choose the perfect pet

Getting a pet is a very exciting time! Have you thought about which pet is right for your lifestyle? Every animal will have its own needs for nutrition, daily care and grooming. Finding the perfect pet for you and your family can be a tricky task. At Pet 360, we offer a variety of pets to suit every family and budget. Our pet experts are here to advise you and ensure that you are fully informed about the choice you make.
Pet accessories
pet rabbits

Our range of pets include 

  • Fish
  • Budgies
  • Rabbits( seasonal )
  • Much more
two dogs playing with a chew toy

Plan ahead to get the best for your pet

Whether it's your first time or you are a seasoned pet owner, pet ownership requires careful planning and consideration. At Pet 360, we not only sell pets but we also stock everything you will need to take care of your pets. Visit our store in Mumbles today or contact us to discuss your needs.
Pet 360 offers pets for sale in Mumbles. Call us now on
01792 360 503

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